Trump’s Head Carved Into An Arctic Glacier Could Show If Climate Change Is Real Or Not

Trump’s Head Carved Into An Arctic Glacier Could Show If Climate Change Is Real Or Not

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Trump’s dream of seeing his mug carved into Mount Rushmore may not be coming true, but a Finnish group has something much better in mind: Project Trumpmore. They want to carve Trump’s face onto the front of an Arctic glacier at the colossal scale of 115 feet tall by 65 feet wide to match the scale of the real Rushmore.

The giant ice Trump will serve a dual purpose: Satisfying Trump’s colossal ego as well as proving a serious point about climate change.

Will it melt or last a thousand years? If it melts, will Trump and his supporters’ doubts about the reality of climate change melt away as well?

Republicans often don’t seem to care if they aren’t directly impacted by their policies, so will Trump care about climate change if he sees his own likeness melting away before the world’s eyes? Maybe?

The organizers hope that Project Trumpmore will inspire conversations that will lead to concrete fact-based decisions about confronting the reality of climate change.

Best of all: Trump’s face would become the very symbol of climate change, making it less of an abstract concept and all too real for people.

“We think that in its intangibility, global warming lacks a concrete symbol. One that would prove it exists, or not. That’s what we are setting out to do: a scientific art project,” states the website.

The group has a team of Finnish and Mongolian ice sculptors at the ready and expects the project will take four weeks to execute. They are actively looking for sponsors and partners and hope to broadcast the project live as it happens.

See more in the video below:

Featured image: Screenshot via Vimeo