Trump’s Twitter has a Ghost Tweeter and He Just Got Busted

Trump’s Twitter has a Ghost Tweeter and He Just Got Busted

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Dan Scavino is President Trump’s Social Media Director. He used to be Trump’s caddy. The two jobs are not that far removed. Trump wants to move his message toward a specific audience, and Scavino is there to help him choose the best tool to do that. Except, Scavino just got busted for using his own account improperly.

Earlier this week, Dan Scavino was reprimanded for violating the Hatch Act, which prohibits senior executive branch officials from using their authority to interfere with elections. Last April after Representative Justin Amash (R-MI) refused to back the president’s first version of the health care bill, Scavino took to Twitter and demanded that Michigan “defeat him in the primary.”

Both the president and Scavino have been cautioned to tone down their Twitter outbursts, but neither of them has heeded that advice. According to White House staffers, Scavino is a constant presence in the West Wing and occasionally sends out messages on the @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS accounts as the president dictates them. Politico looked into Scavino’s role in the White House.

He’s served as the president’s alter ego to congratulate Fox News hosts on their successes, lambast journalists from other networks, or bestow derogatory monikers on the president’s critics.

“Scavino channels Trump, not the other way around,” said a senior White House aide.

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Scavino has a robust Twitter following of his own and is known for his attacks on Trump critics. After Anderson Cooper had commented that he was disgusted by Kathy Griffin’s photo holding a (fake) severed head that bore a striking resemblance to Donald Trump, Scavino lashed out at the CNN host. He tweeted “If you are so appalled, you would make it clear to everyone that you will never have that piece of trash (@kathygriffin) on your show again.”

Donald Trump has long been a fan of Scavino’s loyalty and has rewarded him for it. After caddying for the president, he was promoted to General Manager of the Westchester golf club after Trump purchased the property a few years later. Scavino is one of the few remaining Trump team originals, having come aboard during the earliest days of Trump’s campaign.

Clearly, President Trump sees loyalty as more important experience and easily disregards than any liabilities his team members might pose. The fact that his Social Media Director is unaware of or unimpressed by the rules regarding the executive office’s use of social media apparently does not matter. Besides sending out the president’s messages, Scavino can usually be found video recording the president’s day to day interactions and uploading them to use on social media. Where was he when Comey stayed behind is our question…