Twitter Destroys Trump’s Latest Meltdown About The Russia Investigation With Facts

Twitter Destroys Trump’s Latest Meltdown About The Russia Investigation With Facts

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President Donald Trump whined about the Russia investigation again on Saturday night, resulting in a brutal takedown by Twitter users armed with facts.

Just days after flip-flopping on his remarks made during his press conference with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin by telling reporters that he actually believes Russia attacked our democratic process in 2016 after throwing American intelligence agencies under the bus in Helsinki, Trump attacked the Russia investigation again.

Trump accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators of trying to hurt Republicans’ election chances in November and that the probe is nothing more than “witch hunt” designed to help Democrats win.

Trump seemed to just order Republicans in Congress to do more to undermine the investigation. However, he undermined himself and erased his earlier Helsinki spin because if Trump really believed that Russia interfered with the 2016 Election, he would support the investigation.

Twitter users swiftly reminded Trump of why this investigation to totally legitimate.

By attacking the Russia investigation again, Trump is basically again saying that he believes Putin and not our own intelligence agencies. Thus far, the probe has resulted in several guilty pleas and indictments. And considering Mueller just brought more prosecutors aboard, it looks like the investigation is about to reveal a whole lot more treachery.

Trump is running scared right now because Mueller is closing in, and we can expect Trump to howl louder as he does.

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