Twitter Humiliates Lindsey Graham For Being Trump’s Anti-Immigration Lapdog

Twitter Humiliates Lindsey Graham For Being Trump’s Anti-Immigration Lapdog

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Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) got his ass handed to him on Sunday after he tweeted out his support of President Donald Trump’s threat to permanently close the border as women and children are tear gassed for attempting to apply for asylum.

Graham has repeatedly sucked up to Trump for months by attacking the Russia investigation, and now Trump’s favorite toady is siding with him on immigration as thousands of Central American refugees seek asylum to escape violence in their homeland.

Graham began by blaming migrants for the problems at the border instead of Trump for not preparing to deal with the number of people who need to be processed. The lack of preparation is causing long lines at ports of entry, which makes desperate people even more desperate.

Then he fully endorsed Trump’s threat to close the border.

The problem is that Trump is even preventing the migrants from entering legally, thus manufacturing a crisis.

Twitter users blasted Graham for siding with Trump’s abuse of power rather than work on a bipartisan deal to fix immigration issues.

Tear gassing women and children is a violation of the Geneva Convention and human rights. Furthermore, shutting down the border would deprive Americans of nearly 50 percent of their fruits and vegetables and puts thousands of jobs in jeopardy. The bottom line is it would do great harm to our economy for no reason other than for Trump to pander to his racist supporters, of which, Graham is clearly one of them.


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