Twitter Rips Trump And South Carolina Governor For ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Response To Police Shootings

Twitter Rips Trump And South Carolina Governor For ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Response To Police Shootings

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After seven police officers were shot by a gunman while attempting to serve a warrant, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and President Donald Trump both used the standard Republican “thoughts and prayers” response instead of backing solutions to keep tragedies such as these from happening again.

On Wednesday, Florence County officers were trying to serve a warrant when the gunman opened fire. One officer was killed and six more were wounded.

According to CNN:

The gunman initially shot at the Florence County deputies and kept shooting when more law enforcement officers arrived, officials said.

“These officers went there unknowing the firepower this suspect had,” Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone said.

The seven officers who were wounded could not get away, he said.

“He had an advantage, and the officers couldn’t get to the ones that were down,” Boone said.

As the suspect barricaded himself in the home with children, authorities used a mine-resistant ambush protected, or MRAP, vehicle — something usually associated with war zones — to get all the wounded officers to safety, Boone said.

Rather than demand action to prevent people from amassing deadly arsenals of firepower to wage war on police officers and others, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster appeased conservatives and the National Rifle Association by asking for prayers because the “power of prayer is real,” unlike gun control laws that have prevented mass shootings in other nations around the world for decades.

You know, because gun control laws don’t work and prayers do in the fantasy land conservatives live in.

Trump responded by also sending “thoughts and prayers.”

Twitter users were incensed that Trump and McMaster would continue repeating the “thoughts and prayers” response instead of taking real action.

Tragedies like this can be prevented with gun laws. Had officers had known the shooter owned such firepower they would have been prepared for a possible confrontation. Instead, our nation is dealing with yet another mass shooting because our gun laws are so weak.

And Republicans refuse to do anything about it.


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