Twitter Shreds Trump For Pretending He Likes Hispanic People

Twitter Shreds Trump For Pretending He Likes Hispanic People

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President Donald Trump pretended to like Hispanic people on Monday during a ceremony marking Hispanic Heritage Month and the Internet called him out for being a racist hypocrite.

In yet another effort to pander for votes ahead of the midterm election in November, Trump dared to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and posted about it on Twitter.

At least Trump didn’t trot out a taco bowl as he did on Cinco de Mayo in 2016, but Twitter users ripped him a new one anyway because his claim to like Hispanic people contradicts his policies, which include ripping kids from their immigrant parents at the border and placing them in internment camps, attacking DACA, calling Mexicans rapists, and his poor response to Hurricane Maria that resulted in the deaths of 3,000 Americans on the island.

If Trump truly wants to honor Hispanics and prove that he likes them, he would push policies reflecting that instead of policies that make it clear he really doesn’t care about them.


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