Twitter Slams Giuliani For Using Strzok Testimony To Demand Dismissal Of Mueller

Twitter Slams Giuliani For Using Strzok Testimony To Demand Dismissal Of Mueller

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President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani demanded the Russia investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller be dismissed on Friday by using FBI agent Peter Strzok’s Congressional testimony as an excuse.

Not long after Strzok took Republicans to the woodshed for politicizing his texts messages and taking them out of context to smear the FBI, Giuiani took to Twitter to accuse Strzok of bias and demanded all of the results of the investigation to be dismissed.

Strzok, of course, explained his text messages for everyone to hear and shamed Republicans for concocting conspiracy theories in an effort to discredit the Russia investigation.

Republicans humiliated themselves throughout the testimony as they desperately tried to defend Trump, but Strzok withstood their attacks and even received a round of applause after he ripped them a new one.

Giuliani was also ripped by Twitter users.

It should be pointed out that Mueller’s investigations has led to multiple indictments and five guilty pleas, including 12 new indictments against Russian intelligence officers announced on Friday.

Dismissing the investigation would let everyone involved in the foreign attack on our democracy off the hook and would prevent Mueller from going further toward seeking the truth about that attack.

Mueller removed Strzok from the investigation early on because of the perception of bias his text messages gave off even though Strzok did not exercise that bias in his professional capacity as an investigator. Giuliani is clearly desperate to kill the investigation even though he constantly claims that Trump is innocent. Well, if Trump is so innocent, why is he trying so hard to discredit and undermine the very investigation that could prove it?

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