U.S. Navy Deploys Aircraft Carrier and Other Ships to Ready for Irma

U.S. Navy Deploys Aircraft Carrier and Other Ships to Ready for Irma

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As the country prepares for a second devastating hurricane, the Navy deployed in preparation for the storm. Texans are reeling from Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that accompanied the storm. Thousands lost their homes, and entire communities were destroyed. In the wake of that storm, the South East coast, particularly Florida, prepares for Hurricane Irma, a storm that has already leveled communities in the Caribbean.

The Navy Prepares

The US Navy is readying for the storm. Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln has deployed and is in position to provide humanitarian relief and support for those affected by the storm. Other battleships have also moved into place in preparation for what is expected to be tremendous devastation.

The USS Iwo Jima, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Farragut and the transport dock ship USS New York have joined the USS Abraham Lincoln to give aid to local and state officials as they ready themselves for the impending storm. On Thursday there was a deployment of helicopters to help with medical evacuations and damage assessment in the Caribbean, an area already hit by Hurricane Irma.

What Will the Navy Do?

The USS Abraham Lincoln will be able to provide deck space to launch helicopter operations continuously. Helicopters will be able to fly to and from the shore assisting in recovery efforts after the storm.

A press release said, “These ships are capable of providing medical support, maritime civil affairs, maritime security, expeditionary logistic support, medium and heavy lift air support, and bring a diverse capability including assessment and security.”

The Navy made their priorities clear saying, “The top priority of the federal government, as we work together to support civil authorities, is to minimize suffering and protecting the lives and safety of those affected by Hurricane Irma.”