As the US Cracks Down Canada Is Doing the Right Thing

As the US Cracks Down Canada Is Doing the Right Thing

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The Trump administration’s crackdown on immigration has had an unintended consequence; people are fleeing the US to cross into Canada. The Canadian government is currently undergoing an effort to prepare for the accommodation of those crossing the border fleeing the Trump administration.

The Crossing

Hundreds of people have begun crossing the Canadian border in an out of the way location using a back road in upstate New York. The crossing goes into Canada in the Southern Quebec town of Saint Bernard De Lacolle.

It is estimated that hundreds of people may be crossing in this location daily. On a single Sunday, Canadian officials reported over 400 people crossing a remote New York road. The Canadian government has sent 100 soldiers to the location to help support local authorities as they make preparations for the influx of immigrants.

The soldiers will be supporting the Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency. They are setting up what could easily be called refugee camps at the site. They are preparing a space to accommodate tents that could house up to 500 people. They will also be installing lighting and heating equipment at the site.

The Canadian military made clear the fact that the soldiers will take no part in security or law enforcement and the vast majority will leave the area once the camp is established. Canadian officials also plan to house some of the immigrants in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. The facility could hold thousands of people but plans at this time are only to accommodate 450 at the site.

Why Are People Going to Canada And What Awaits Them

Migrants who are fleeing are mostly people who first immigrated to the United States. As the climate towards immigrants in the US grows increasingly hostile, these people are willing to risk it and cross illegally into Canada.

The moment the migrants step foot over the border, they are arrested, but these immigrants feel it is safer to try to apply for asylum in Canada than it is to stay in the United States. Canadian officials have set up a Welcome Center on their side of the border.

The welcome center includes tents for housing; the migrants are processed at this welcome center before being turned over to the government agency that will handle their applications for refuge in Canada.