Vicente Fox Blasts Trump’s Plans For The Wall… Again

Vicente Fox Blasts Trump’s Plans For The Wall… Again

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has not been silent in his disapproval of President Trump. Since he began his attack on immigrants and laid out his plans for a border wall, the former Mexican President has been a strong and vocal opponent.

He has taunted Donald Trump on many occasions, often using the President’s favorite means of communication, Twitter.

Monday was no different. Vicente Fox chose to commemorate the day Ronald Reagan famously instructed Mikhail Gorbachev “tear down this wall” with a tweet comparing the famous Republican President’s leadership in tearing down walls to Donald Trump’s desire to build them.

This tweet is not his first attack on President Trump, and it is sure not to be his last. In the past, Vicente Fox has been uncensored in his criticism of Donald Trump. He has vehemently opposed the notion that Mexico will pay for Trump’s wall.

Fox’s choice to parallel Reagan and Trump is telling. Ronald Reagan has long been revered as an icon among conservative Republicans. His leadership and legacy in conservative circles are applauded and admired.

In 1987 Ronald Reagan went to Berlin and delivered his now famous speech to former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev. In that quote “tear down this wall!” President Reagan called not only for the destruction of the physical wall dividing East and West Berlin, but he also called for its unification.

Reagan’s foreign policies are in stark contrast to the policies put forward by the Trump administration. Trump’s campaign and the presidency have been widely criticized as fear mongering and divisive. His focus on building a physical wall separating the United States from her southern neighbor is seen by many as a manifestation of that divisive agenda.

The anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech is a reminder of how times have changed. A lauded Republican leader stood on the world stage and condemned division in the Soviet Union thirty years ago, while today a much criticized Republican leader stands on a world stage and furthers an agenda of division and separation.