“A Vomitorium Of Propaganda” — Dem Strategist Slams Fox, The Wall Street Journal And the Daily Caller (Video)

“A Vomitorium Of Propaganda” — Dem Strategist Slams Fox, The Wall Street Journal And the Daily Caller (Video)

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A Democratic strategist took right-wing media to the woodshed for spewing Donald Trump’s propaganda.

Ever since reports surfaced that special prosecutor Robert Mueller removed an FBI agent from the Russia investigation over anti-Trump text messages, right-wing media organizations such as Fox News have seized on it as evidence that the Russia probe is biased and nothing more than a witch hunt.

FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Stzrok was removed earlier this past summer after sending anti-Trump text messages to another agent.

But the fact that Mueller removed him is proof of Mueller’s integrity and the integrity of the investigation.

Trump even used the news to bash the reputation of the FBI.

In a blatant effort to taint the ongoing Russia-Trump investigation, conservative propagandist Kimberley Strassel argued in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that Robert Mueller is guilty of “obstruction of Congress” because he allegedly didn’t inform Congress of the personnel change.

It’s yet another dirty play in the concerted effort by right-wing media to kill the investigation in support of Trump.

And it’s one that Democratic strategist Brad Woodhouse schooled Fox News about during an appearance on Friday.

Woodhouse reminded Fox that Chris Wallace had just said on the show that Republicans are “trying to undermine this investigation as it gets close to Donald Trump.”

Strassel’s Wall Street Journal column is nothing more than a “vomitorium of propaganda that proves Chris’ point,” Woodhouse continued.

And then Woodhouse pointed out that Congress “is supposed to get out of the way of the Special Council investigation.”

“It doesn’t work the other way,” he continued.

Indeed, if Republicans interfere with the investigation it would look like they are trying to help Trump, and they would be obstructing justice themselves.

Woodhouse even noted that the “House Intelligence Committee chair recused himself” because of his biased support of Trump.

Rep. Devin Nunes tipped Trump off about surveillance report information before telling Democratic members of the committee. This clear bias forced him to step aside.

Woodhouse also defended Robert Mueller’s integrity and even his conservative counterpart agreed that his integrity has not been questioned.

“What is extraordinary here is that the head of the FBI is a Trump appointee,” Woodhouse continued.

And that’s true. After Trump fired James Comey for refusing to drop the investigation against Michael Flynn, he appointed Christopher Wray to head the FBI. So when Trump bashes the FBI, he is bashing his own guy.

And not even Trump’s own guy agrees with his attacks on the FBI, telling the House Judiciary Committee earlier this week that he agrees with Comey’s defense of the agency and stated that both Comey and Mueller have solid reputations and are highly respected.

The bottom line, Woodhouse concluded, is that “people are running scared because Trump and his family are getting ready to be ensnared by this investigation.”

Here’s the video of Woodhouse’s remarks:

This was an epic rant that nails Trump’s propaganda machine to the wall.

The reason why Mueller removed the agent in the first place was because of the biased texts against Trump. If Mueller wanted to run a “witch hunt” against Trump he would have kept the agent on the investigation.

But Mueller removed him, thus preserving the integrity of the investigation.

Any suggestion otherwise is propaganda designed to help Trump escape justice.