White House-Breitbart Love Affair is Ending

White House-Breitbart Love Affair is Ending

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With questions looming over the fate of former Breitbart VP, Steve Bannon’s White House position, the alt-right connection to the White House has been dealt a glancing blow. Breitbart News is not going to become a permanent part of the White House Press Pool.

According to Buzzfeed news:

On Tuesday, the standing committee of the US Senate Daily Press Gallery — the body of five reporters from traditional news outlets that accredit media outlets — tabled Breitbart’s application for permanent credentials. The committee declined to extend the news outlet’s temporary passes, which expire May 31.

Breitbart has been on a months-long quest to win the permanent passes, but committee members on Tuesday said they still had unanswered questions about the secretive conservative media company.

The committee has not given a specific reason for the snub but several members have raised questions over possible ties to the Government Accountability Institute and concerns over a vacancy in the Managing Editor position.

The process of gaining permanent press passes involves disclosing all sorts of financial information and exposing any ties to lobbying groups but the coveted pass is worth it. A White House Press Pass gives the holder access to events around town and is the first step toward becoming a member of the White House Correspondent’s Association.

Is this another attempt for the White house to distance themselves from the alt-right?