White House Memo Suggested Ignoring Climate Research As One Of Three Possible Approaches

White House Memo Suggested Ignoring Climate Research As One Of Three Possible Approaches

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The Trump White House certainly does seem to enjoy evading the facts or concocting their own. But what about when the facts impact the future of every living thing, on a global scale? As it turns out, they would consider simply ignoring those facts too, in the case of climate change.

On September 18, 2017, Trump’s special assistant for domestic energy and environmental policy at the time, Michael Catanzaro, wrote a memo to prepare for a meeting of senior White House and agency officials.

It must be noted, Catanzaro was a fossil fuel lobbyist.

The memo, obtained by The Washington Post offered three options for the Trump officials to consider in their approach to the subject of climate change.

1. A “red team/blue team” exercise. That way, they could critically review climate change and “highlight uncertainties in climate science.”

2. Formally review the science using the Administrative Procedure Act.

3. Decide to “ignore, and not seek to characterize or question, the science being conducted by Federal agencies and outside entities.”

As you can see, there was no option to actually give support to the decades of research findings in any way.

Naturally, EPA “administrator” Scott Pruitt wanted to go with the red team/blue team options. Why? By the looks of it, he could reevaluate and inject politics into the soon-to-be-released massive climate report.

Pruitt drafted a news release, saying he was “leading the effort” to assemble a team of experts that could “write a detailed criticism” of the climate science report the federal government released on Nov. 2nd.

However, Pruitt never got to censor the report, because the White House blocked him from conducting his red team/blue team “exercise.”

It appears they preferred the “ignore” option instead.

“Although administration officials did not adopt a formal policy in the wake of these deliberations, in practice they have largely ignored the findings of U.S. government researchers. As a result, these scientists have continued to sound the alarm on climate effects such as sea-level rise and wildfires — even as top Trump officials emphasize that they can neither endorse nor repudiate these findings.”

Nevertheless, the 13 federal agencies invested in climate science continue to study climate change, and have determined through various reports that human activities are causing it and that there is “no convincing alternative explanation.”

There are other reports that paint a severe picture. American military bases on low-lying coral atoll islands around the world could become “uninhabitable” within decades due to sea level rise.

The National Park Service reports indicate that parks at the coast will likely be damaged due to sea level rise. The report was released quietly without an official announcement, and we can guess why.

Although Trump wants to escalate the production of fossil fuels — and by the looks of it, silence the words “climate change” — multiple government agencies are contradicting his position and issuing serious warnings.

Rush Holt, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science:

“The scientific evidence about accelerating effects of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is so strong, and so prevalent, that it would be impossible to hush it up even if you wanted to,” said Holt.

Despite obvious and glaring evidence going up against Trump’s stance on climate change, this is what we get from the White House press secretary Raj Shah:

“The climate has changed and is always changing.”

The White House apparently wants to sweep a global-sized problem conveniently under Trump’s golden rug, but everywhere else it is glaringly obvious. Sadly, it’s proof that no matter how small or colossal a problem may be, if it doesn’t suit Trump’s agenda, it can simply be ignored.

Featured image: Trump screenshots via YouTube