Four Women are accusing Trump of groping or kissing them against their will

Four Women are accusing Trump of groping or kissing them against their will

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On Wednesday, four different women accused Donald Trump of groping and kissing them without their consent, in a news report. Those accusations come just a few days after the Republican presidential candidate strongly denied that he has ever done something like this. Also, the timing seems to be well calculated, because of the tape that was released on Friday. In this Trump can be heard bragging about his star power to get any woman he wants.

The accusations

One of the four women related that the incident took place more than thirty years ago on a plane. Then, Trump supposedly tried to touch her breasts and put his hand up her skirt. Another women’s story happened in 2005, when he forcefully kissed her on the mouth outside an elevator. The third women accused him of groping her bottom some 13 years ago, at his Mar-a-Lago resort. The last woman is a former People Magazine reporter. She recalled that she was about to have an interview with Trump and his wife. When they were alone just before it, Trump supposedly kissed her without her consent. This incident also happened in 2005.

They seem to be true

The newspapers that wrote about the first three women’s stories did not do so without proof. Reporters reportedly spoke with their close friends, families and colleagues. Everything in order to make sure that what they were saying is actually true and not a desperate search for fame. And those allegations seem to be true indeed. Every person around each of these women seemed to have known about the incidents in which they were involved. The problem is that, if those accusations are proven true, Trump might get in a bit of trouble because of them.

In the case of the former People Magazine reporter, she wrote a very detailed article herself and posted it on the magazine’s website.

Trump’s campaign denied everything

Donald Trump’s campaign and himself strongly denied all the accusations. He was reportedly so mad that he even thought about filing a lawsuit against the newspapers that published the stories. People close to him are saying that Trump is extremely furious about the fact that the accusations were published. It is actually interesting that he is mad about the publishing of those. Not about the fact that he did not do anything and now people think he did.

The leaked tape

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump’s campaign sent an open letter to the Times magazine requesting that all the women’s stories be taken down. If they failed to do so, Trump will reportedly turn to legal measures. His spokesman Jason Miller deemed the articles as “fiction” and specified that “they never happened”.

During the second presidential debate on Sunday evening, the moderator asked Trump about what he said in the tape and if he has ever actually done something like this. His response was clear and frank: “Never”.  What is interesting is that all women involved are saying that they strongly support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

All in all, until proof will come up, all of these are just accusations. But they will surely hurt Trump’s chances of becoming the president of the United States. If there is anything left to be hurt, at all.

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